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Wellness Nutrition Services in Springfield, MO

Are you confused about how to eat healthy?

Healthy eating is a large part of your success with disease prevention, weight control and energy levels. With so much misleading and confusing information out there, it is hard to know what is the best way to eat.

As Registered and Licensed Dietitians, we offer research backed individual nutrition plans for our clients with all the details and knowledge that you need to achieve the lifestyle change that you deserve. This is not a one size fits all plan! We look at your needs, likes and dislikes, health history, and exercise schedule to develop a plan that is right for you and more importantly something that you can actually do and enjoy!

We can take you to the grocery store and teach you what foods are best to buy and which ones to avoid. We can also come to your house and help you with a pantry makeover.

With unlimited access to us during our time working together, you will get all of your questions answered and learn everything you need to know for lasting health.

We begin with a complete evaluation of your current health status, body fat percent, metabolic profile, and fitness level. Your current supplements, medications, and health history will also be reviewed.

Next, we will look at your current eating and drinking habits, along with your exercise schedule to evaluate where we can make changes. Our goal is to optimize your nutrition so you can achieve a healthy body fat percent and optimal lipid, blood pressure, and blood sugar readings.

We will look at your previous dieting and exercise history so we can learn from those, along with your upcoming goals for your body weight and health.

Lastly, we will look at any allergies, sleep habits, and any other pertinent issues you may be dealing with. This wealth of information will help us get to know you better so we can develop a plan to help you achieve your best health.

We have expertise with weight management, cholesterol management, blood pressure control, cancer, GI issues, food allergies, vegetarianism or veganism, and disease prevention.

With an evaluation completed, we can now develop your individualized wellness nutrition plan, which includes everything you need achieve your best nutrient intake.

Not only will you learn how many calories and how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you need every day, you will also learn how to actually do it.

We will give you the knowledge of what foods are healthiest for you, which foods you need to limit, and how to incorporate eating out or other things that will come up in life.

Armed with a personalized nutrition plan, just think what you can achieve!

Lets face it, accountability really helps you stay on track. A food diary is one of the best ways to be held responsible for what you are putting in your mouth. It is also one of the best ways to learn what to eat and how to incorporate recommended changes.

The food diary is helpful to show trends in how you are eating and is a great way for our dietitians to show you what you can do better. Until you put our plan to work in your life, we can’t know if it will truly meet all of your needs and is doable.

Only you can tell us that, and if we need to change some things on the plan that are not working, we will do that.

Our dietitian will make comments on your food diary every week and will make sure you know exactly what to do in every situation you encounter.

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